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Horse Haven of Tennessee was formed in 1999 when Nina Margetson turned her vision for equine rescue into reality. Read Our Full History


Facts About Us:

Fact #1: Horse Haven does not investigate complaints unless asked by local law enforcement for their assistance.

Fact #2: Horse Haven does not confiscate, press charges or take owners to court. This is done by the legal county entity.

Fact #3: Horse Haven does not charge any county in Tennessee for our services.

Fact #4: Horse Haven has a less than 10% euthanasia rate.

More About Us

Horse Haven of Tennessee reserves our resources for animals that have been confiscated and removed from cruelty and neglect situations. Animals that have suffered at the hands of humans and need our help. Due to the number of individuals that call us to take their horse(s) they can no longer care for, we regret that we do not take those horses because of our limited facilities and purpose statement. Our horses are seized by law enforcement. Horse Haven is not the entity that makes the call to have an animal removed or files charges to prosecute the owners, this is done by local law enforcement.  We provide our expertise, transportation from the property, and rehabilitation to these horses because law enforcement organizations do not have the facilities or knowledge to care for large animals. Our horses are evidence in court hearings or surrendered to the courts.
We do offer programs to HELP responsible owners when they fall on hard times, but only as a short term fix. There are plenty of options out there for those wishing to get rid of their horses they no longer want, and humane euthanasia is one of these. Please own responsibily.

General Viewpoints of HHT

The Tennessee Walking horse is the Official State Horse of Tennessee. Instead of trying to protect this magnificent animal from undue torture and pain, the public applauds these squatting, high stepping techniques inflicted on these horses in the show ring. The Tennessee Walking horse is a naturally smooth gaited ride. Some trainers use all sorts of artificial means to reach that ultimate gait that is extremely painful for the horse. HHT educates the public on the cruel training practice called “soring”. Even
with the federal laws that have outlawed these practices, they still exist today.
Horse Haven of Tennessee is proud to report we have less than a 10% euthanasia rate for our organization.

There are two accepted ways to euthanize a horse. The first is to hire a veterinarian to sedate the horse who injects it with an overdose of tranquilizer. We prefer people to choose this method over just allowing an animal to die of starvation due to a medical condition or old age. This method is quick, painless, and clean. A vet usually charges between $100-400 which can include carcass disposal. Disposal can present a problem if the owner cannot bury the animal on their own property. If the euthanasia and disposal are done by the local veterinary college, the cost starts at about $250. Horse Haven of Tennessee offers the transport for free (if within 15 miles of Knoxville) if an owner needs assistance. The second option should only be used in the event of an emergency that would leave the animal suffering if left to wait for a vet, and that is a bullet through the brain. Death is instantaneous and painless but care must be given that the shot is correct and on target.
No matter the method, the most important thing to remember is that when we agree to accept one of these awesome creatures into our lives, we agree to take on the responsibility of making that critical choice – when to end your friend’s life with dignity and not let the horse suffer.

Horse Haven of Tennessee does not approve or disapprove of sports where horses are being used for competition. HHT does, however, oppose any activity where the horse receives any type of torment, harassment, pain, injury, undue stress, or death. We denounce the use of any device such as electric prods, sharpened sticks, spurs, flank straps and other tack which would cause a horse to react violently. We find these abuses cannot be justified. HHT feels it is, therefore, our policy to educate the public about humane treatment of all horses.
Horse Haven of Tennessee is opposed to the slaughter of horses for human consumption. We do not agree with the senseless and cruel act of downing horses by inhumane means to be packaged and sent overseas for human consumption. HHT feels the inhumane slaughter method of killing horses with a nail gun, or by shackling a chain around one or both of its hind legs and hoisting the horse from the floor head down by power machinery while dislocating leg joints, tearing tendons and muscles, rupturing blood vessel cause great agony to the horse who is not “always” dead yet and are NOT an acceptable practices.
Slaughter plants are suggested as a means for people to dispose of their old, sick, unwanted horses, when in reality only the healthy ones are accepted. many times the others are left abandoned in remote areas, left to die a slow and painful death from starvation. Rendering plants are a good means  of horse disposal when burial is not an option. When presented to the plant, the animal has already either died or been put down using humane options
This hormone replacement drug is made by collecting urine from pregnant mares. The mares are kept pregnant and attached to collection bags that are suspended from the ceiling during their entire pregnancy so their urine can easily be collected. The offspring of these mares are sent to slaughter or meet other horrible forms of existence or death. Only a few lucky ones are taken in by rescues or other people looking for young horses to train. With the advancements in medical science and the making of synthetic drugs, HHT feels there is no longer a need to produce this hormone replacement drug. Any HRT drug that begins with the letter “PRE” use this ingredient. Some of those are Premarin, Prempro, Premphase. 

Horse Haven by the Numbers

Horses cared for to date September 27, 2016 : 952
Horses cared for in 2015 : 143
Horses cared for so far in 2016 : 72

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