A pat on the back is always nice, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

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Horse Haven of Tennessee
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Knoxville, TN  37933
Why we need donations:
HHT offers many opportunities to get involved and help. You don’t need to own or adopt a horse, all you need is a love for equine in general.
Please remember… often people think that our products and services are donated on a continuous basis. This is not the case. We sometimes receive product donations which are quite helpful when a significant number of animals are seized at once. We seldom receive a discount from those veterinarians and those providing other services while assisting us in rehabilitating our horses, but they are by no way 100% donated.
Only a very small part of the donations made to national organizations filter back to local animal protection organizations. Keep your money local, donate local.
Because HHT is a 501(c)(3) organization all donations are tax deductible.
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Your support is vital…HHT programs and services are funded by donations, grants, and contributions.
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Giving a hand up to owners in need

Humane euthanasia – offering a little assistance to owners that need help.

Give a donation in Memory or in Honor of a special person or animal

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