April 26, 2013

Emergency medical funds and prayers are greatly needed for Stephanie our Equine Manager. She was seriously hurt during a confiscation at a local Tennessee Walking Horse barn in Maryville, TN. on April 25 when HHT was called in to assist the USDA, HSUS and the Blount County SPCA.

Horses in pain can be very dangerous and Stephanie is a professional equine handler, but sometimes things happen that are out of anyones control. We are greatful she is still with us, which is the most important thing.

Even while she awaited arrival of the ambulance her main concern was for for the welfare of the horses and not her own. She is a very special lady, and HHT is proud to have her as a HHT family member.

Stephanie has a husband and two young children at home and will be laid up for quite some time. She will have major, long term, medical bills and we are asking for those who have asked what they can do to help is to pray for a speedy recovery, and any finacial help they can offer at this time.

We will try and post more later as we are made more aware of her injuries.

Donation can also be mailed to HHT – P.O. Box 22841 – Knoxville – TN – 37933

Put “Stephanie” in the memo section.

Up Date: April 26, 5:30 PM:
Stephanie was in good spirits when I spoke to her on the phone. Resting at home as comfortable as can be expected. She  had a head laceration that required 6 stitches, and a leg laceration about 2″ deep and 11″ long from her shin to her calf that required 16 stitches inside and 20 staples outside. She has a broke nose, and also broke her new glasses. She is able to get around a little on crutches but not sure how bad the nerve damage is in her leg. She can wiggle her toes but unable to place her heel down on the ground because of the pain and damage. Of course her first concern today was to ensure all the horses at our barn are doing OK and that Rocky, Wrangler and Stetson got to go to their new homes today. She felt bad she couldn’t be there to tell them goodbye.

Update April 27, 7:30 pm: Stephanie is doing as well as can be expected. Her leg is very swollen and painful. She said her head is sore but much less cloudy today. Not quite as nauseated today either. She has been able to take a shower and wash her hair with some assistance from her always supportive husband. She was very blessed by a couple visits from her HHT family and really appreciated the flowers and food.

I would like to thank everyone who has donated towards her recovery with well wishes, calls and donations.  She thanks everyone for the support they’ve shown.

UPDATE April 28:
Letter from Stephanie – “I want to say thank you to all the people that picked my banged up self out of the dirt the other day. I owe Kellie with the Blount County ASPCA a huge thank you. She applied pressure to my wounds (there was a LOT of blood) and gave directions to everyone there. Crystal , for holding my hand, praying for me and I am pretty sure letting me lean against her while waiting for the ambulance. The 3 fabulous EMT’s that responded so quickly (it seemed like mere moments) and took such good care of me enroute to the hospital. I know I was still really cloudy from the head trauma and I bet I said some stupid things. lol The VERY nice guy from the CAT SCAN dept at UT that came all the way across the hospital to get me so I didn’t have to wait two hours for a CAT Scan in the ER. The funny doctor that sewed up my eye and didn’t mind joking with me about how from here on out I would be known as scar face. The fabulous nurse who FINALLY brought the drugs and sent me to sleep:) I am sure there are more but I might have been a bit out of it.

Most importantly Angela, who not only was a PERFECT assistant that day but also jumped right in that ambulance with me (I was very scared and you helped). She also made phone calls all the way to the hospital and then had to be stuck with me for hours on end as we waited.Thank you to everyone I have mentioned and everyone that I have missed (I was a bit cloudy). It is truly overwhelming when you get to feel true compassion and caring directed straight at you.”

UPDATE: April 29
From Stephanie

I have been very blessed today! I received several get well soon cards from the great volunteers at HHT:) Nina brought me a wheelchair (HUGE THANK YOU!) and my head is feeling so much better today. The overall body soreness is getting much better too. My leg is still very painful and I am having a bit of a problem with it bleeding at the staple sites because of all the swelling. I promise that I am elevating it almost all the time:) I am so thankful for my HHT family and friends and for all the prayers and well wishes from those I don’t even know. It is truly overwhelming. All I can say is Thank you. I must also say that I am extremely grateful for the donations towards my hospital bills and unforeseen ambulance ride. I am reminded that in the midst of a bad situation is when the best in people truly comes out. Thank you StephanieUPDATE May 1 – It was a pretty busy day today for Stephanie with plenty of visitors. We held our “after case debriefing” at Stephanie’s house so we decided to make it a lunch meeting. I’m sure the company wore her out, but I think she appreciated see everyone. One of our HHT Volunteers was able to get her a new set of glasses to replace the ones broken. Yeah! One of our volunteer shifts made her a  basket with lots of things to keep her busy while she recuperates. Thanks to the great show of support by our donors she will be kept very busy writing thank you notes to all those who have donated towards her medical cost. So far over $4,000 has been raised towards her est. $11,000 – $12,000 initial bill. God is good and so is our HHT Family! Thank you all! NinaUPDATEL May 3Progress! Swelling down some today. I am doing some modified movements every half hour and that seems to be working out OK. I am caught up on my thank you notes(finally) Robin from Thursday AM shift brought a great supper last night and I am looking forward to a visit with Ms Donna tonight! Thank you so much to everyone who keeps giving me reasons to smile:) Stephanie

UPDATED May 5: Note from Stephanie – .

This weekend has been pretty uneventful.  Cynthia from Thursday AM shift brought me the new Patricia Cornwell book Saturday morning and I read the whole thing that day.  It was a very nice alternative to all the tv that I have been watching lately.  Today has been very lazy but  tomorrow morning we are headed to the doctor to have the stitches and staples removed (hopefully).  I think that they are looking like it is time.  Tomorrow afternoon I will have to get back to work on my thank you notes.  Saturday’s mail brought many more well wishes.  I am missing seeing my horses and all the horses and people at HHT, I just keep thinking that I am closer than I was to returning.
UPDATE: May 7 – Not a very good report yesterday from Stephanie:

I guess it depends on how I look at it but yesterday did not feel like progress. Sunday night my leg wound started not looking so good. Jeff took me to the er yesterday morning and we spent all day. After many doctors, two ultra sounds and some minor surgery I am back home. Apparently there were pockets of fluid that became infected. These were the source of my extreme pain. They reopened about half of my wound and packed it. I have to change the packing daily and return to the trauma clinic on Thursday. I received iv antibiotics and am also on a strong dose at home as well. Eventually, the fluid from the pockets will migrate out of my wound and I should start to feel alot better. So, if nothing else, hopefully now I am on the right track:)

UPDATE: May 9:

Stephanie email: So, have been to the trauma clinic today. I have to go back Monday. They opened the wound the rest of the way and now we have a new method of packing it. Waiting now for a Doppler to check for blood clots in my leg. Please send prayers and positive thoughts for no blood clots. They said I will have to be admitted if there is a clot.
Update: Yeah, no clots!
UPDATE: May 13, – Stephanie had a good mothers day and she got to go to the barn to see her babies. Salty & Cowboy sure have missed her. Today she will go back to the trauma clinic to have her wound tended to and we are all hoping for a good report.
UPDATE: May 13 PM – From Stephanie – Some good news finally! Doctor said wound looks much better and I don’t have to go back for two weeks! She said just keep packing it and caring for it the same way. She trimmed off the dead edges OUCH but it looks way better now.
May 28th: Update from Stephanie – The good news at the doctor today is that there is no bad news.  I am now packing most of the wound and doing a wet to dry bandage on the rest.  I am still changing the bandage once a day.  I am now able to get my heal down but my leg will still not bear weight with my heel down.  This is due to muscle and tendon damage (I suspected this) The doctor said I may be ready to start physical therapy in a couple of weeks:). I finally heard my first time frame…4 more weeks:(  I am going to do my best to beat this!

June 13, 2013 – Stephanie has been back to work part time for a few days now and doing well. Still not 100% after sitting around for 6 weeks, but much further along than we thought this soon. She has received so many get well wishes over the past few weeks and they were all really appreciated. We have raised $7,100 towards her medical bills so far but are still about $4,500 short. We will continue to accept donations towards this balance to help reduce the burden on her family. Thank you all who helped make this happen! Your Great! Please be sure to stop out and visit with her at our next adoption day on July 13th.
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