The following animals are currently in the care of Horse Haven of Tennessee.
Horses not released by the courts will remain a silhouette and are not available for adoption.

All animals in the care of Horse Haven are posted on this page. Those still involved in court proceedings will be listed with limited information.  Our Equine Evaluators may raise or lower a suggested adoption fee after an animal has been evaluated. Some things we consider when posting a suggested adoption fee are their manners, ride-ability, potential, and length of time they have been with us. Because of this, be sure to check the current suggested adoption fee before applying for an animal. Matching the skill level of the horse with the skill level of its adopter makes for a lasting partnership.

  • Click on picture to enlarge    application button
  • Current suggested adoption donation amount may change (higher/lower) once a horse is further evaluated.
  • Click button to the right to fill out an application  —> by filling out an application in advance this allows our adoption counselor to know which horse, or what kind of horse, you are looking at.  
  • Once we have your application a counselor will contact you by phone to gather more information and to set up a time to meet.
  • Once an application is received any further evaluation of the horse in question will be stopped by our equine team. If further evaluation is requested by the potential adopter they understand that the originally suggested adoption fee may increase and the originally posted suggested adoption fee may no longer apply.

Horses being Held in our Middle Tennessee Holding Facility will be labeled as such.



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