State of Tennessee Equine Rescue Network (STERN)

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Calling all Rescues, private farms, boarding and training facilities, youth groups, and private individuals.

Do you have a desire to help horses in need in your county? Region? State?
Would you like to get involved in a network that doesn’t require you to attend monthly meeting?
Are you willing to donate a few hours of your time to help us build a top notch, statewide database that can be made available in the event of an equine emergency within our state?

There are so many emergencies that could arise that could require help from transport to housing. Hopefully we will never have to call on our resources, but being prepared in the event of an emergency can be critical to the welfare of the animal/s in question.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in getting involved with, please click on the STERN logo above and enter your information.

Donations made to the STERN program are used to help fund large, onsite confiscations and items used to care for the animals while in our holding facilities.

Donations can be made at any Regions Bank, just tell them to credit the STERN account.

Or you can donate through PayPal here.