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Please read our Adoption Policies BEFORE applying
Click below to pay application fee: (PENDING will be placed on the horse once an application fee is received)
You can now find our horses on PetFinder.org
Just one more way of helping our horses find their forever home.
We will continue to post animals for adoption and those in court on this page so supporters will be able to see how many animals our volunteers are caring for and why your support is so important.
Our Evaluators may raise or lower a suggested adoption fee after an animal has been evaluated, been with us for a longer length of time. Some things we consider when posting a suggested adoption fee are their manners, rideability, potentual, and length of time they have been with us. Because of this, be sure to check the current adoption fee before applying for an animal.
Horse Haven of Tennessee maintains “Holding Facilities” in both East and Middle Tennessee to make it easier on the 95 counties we serve.
Click on the picture below to be directed to our adoption page.
Horses for Adoption