Wild Mustangs

What YOU should KNOW. How YOU can ACT. 

The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) was entrusted with the protection of our wild horses and burros through the 1971 Wild Horse & Burro Protection Act. Since then, over 200,000 wild horses and burros have been rounded up.  

The BLM has claimed for years removal of our wild horses and burros is necessary because they are deteriorating public lands and are starving. These claims are FALSE. The 1971 Act mandates PUBLIC lands for wild horses and burros. The BLM permit 9 million PRIVATELY OWNED cattle to graze on these lands (known as welfare ranching)                                                   

- 9 Million Privately Owned Cattle vs. 20,000 wild horses and burros: who do you think is deteriorating our land?

-The Cloud Foundation and others have documented wild horse herds for decades and has photographic evidence of their health and prosperity. Similar evidence exists showing farmers placing their cattle on the land from which wild horses and burros were removed . 

During the roundups horses and burros are chased in extreme temperatures by helicopter, run from 15-18 miles to holding pens. The death toll during the stampede is remarkable: foals run hooves off, horses are trampled, and mares abort foals. They’re left in holding pens without shade, the weak and injured do not get immediate care, conditions are unsanitary and feed and water is not properly managed. Family bands are destroyed. Dozens more die after the roundups have been completed. 

In 2010, the BLM’s roundup schedule was escalated. The 2011 roundup schedule is more aggressive. This is primarily due to interests that use public lands for PRIVATE gain: welfare ranching, mineral, oil and energy interests. In 2010, BP, BLM & El Paso Corp. contracted a gas pipeline running through five states and across public lands dedicated to the preservation of wild horses. The greed of private, corporate lobbyists (many are former members of Congress) together with the U.S. Government are destroying the habitat for these iconic wild horses and burros – at taxpayer expense.

 Maintaining the horses and burros in “holding pens” costs nearly $70M annually. An $11M increase has been requested by the BLM for 2011. Allowing OUR wild horses and burros to live freely – on the land congressionally mandated – costs the American taxpayer NOTHING. 

Please help raise awareness in your community and state. Let your elected officials, Department of Interior and BLM know we resent their mismanagement and waste of taxpayer resources. 

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