Due to recent changes in the Tennessee law regarding the handling of livestock complaints, all complaints must go through the State Agricultural Crime authorities. Please follow this link to start the process.
Tennessee Complaint Link for Livestock



Horse Haven receives numerous complaints of equine abuse and neglect within our state. We are not “Animal Cops” and getting the animals in need help, isn’t always easy. It takes everyone willing to get involved to help a horse in need.

Steps for filing an equine cruelty/neglect complaint.

  1. Contact your local county City/County Sheriffs Department.
  2. We encourage people to file these complaints first hand because they are a possible witness for law enforcement to help get the animals the help needed quicker. Be willing to take that extra step, and be willing to testify if you feel you have information that would help an animal. Let them know HHT is here to offer support within their county and all they need to do is contact us AT (865) 609-4030.
    HHT DOES NOT charge the county for our services. Once they contact us we can help them get the ball rolling.
  3. If you are not comfortable speaking with law enforcement you can file a compliant below and we will do what we can from our end to get the ball rolling.