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Position Openings

Equine Manager 


The Equine Manager (EM) works one-on-one with the horses appointed to get a better understanding of their abilities and potential to become adopted. While reporting to the Executive Director and working closely with dedicated volunteers, the EM must have good communication skills, a sense of leadership, and team-building skills in order to properly ensure the well-being of the horses in care.



Our Equine

  • Regular and consistent monitoring – According to specific work schedule, evaluate equine daily for injury, physical and mental soundness.
  • Monitor feedings – evaluate how each equine take feed and make proper adjustments
  • Training - evaluate each equines’ training ability for leading, loading, basic grooming, bathing, etc., and help them to overcome any problems. Assess vices including, but not limited to, biting, kicking, food aggression, etc.
  • Vaccinations & deworming – perform routine maintenance per each equine’s needs
  • Equine files – A record is created and maintained for each horse. Files are kept in the office with the executive director
  • Adopters – follow the HHT adoption process with the executive director and evaluate, screen and meet with potential adopters


Our Barn and Facility

  • HHT is a volunteer based organization with 130+ highly dedicated volunteers that work on one of our morning or evening shifts, committees, or other designated project teams.
  • Communicate all barn and horse updates with shift leads to ensure each shift is properly caring for each horse.
  • Proper up-keep of the barn – ensure trash is taken out regularly, area is kept-up for volunteers to be able to complete their shifts accordingly
  • Lead facility team & lawn maintenance – monitor mowing, weed eating, repair needs in fencing, gates, tools, equipment, and other basic facility maintenance.
  • Vendor appointments – facilitate regular appointments with farrier, veterinarian, manure removal, and shavings drop-offs



  • Maintain HHT confidentiality as many of our rescued equine are court cases
  • Ability to lift a minimum of 50 pounds
  • Experience driving a truck and trailer
  • Drivers License
  • Experience with a mower, tractor, weed eater, and 4-wheeler
  • Basic computer skills – check emails, be able to use the internet
  • Basic office skills – ability to keep files up-to-date and organized while maintaining a clean work environment
  • Ability to multitask and make abrupt changes when needed and communicate them efficiently
  • Ability to be on-call for emergency calls at the barn and emergency pick-ups
  • Good teamwork and communication skills
  • Leadership skills – keeping safety and wellbeing for the volunteers and equine a priority
  • Ability to be able to complete tasks without being constantly monitored or asked to do so.

To apply, email you resume and list references with at least 2 supervisor contacts to 

  • GFAS
  • 2023 Equus Guardian
    2023 Equus Guardian
  • Guidestar