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Resources for Law Enforcement

Horse Haven of Tennessee provides no cost shelter services to law enforcement in all 95 counties. It is our mission to assist law enforcement and state agriculture investigators across the state to rescue abused and neglected equine. This includes providing shelter services and educational services. Please contact us for more information about providing your officers with training on abused and neglected equine.

At Horse Haven of Tennessee we want to ensure the officers in all 95 of our counties have the proper equine training they need to promote knowledge on equine welfare standards. Call us at (865) 609-4030 to schedule a training session for your officers. 

Click the links below to view the "Equine Welfare Standards" book and the 2018 State of Tennessee Animal Law Book.

  • GFAS
  • 2023 Equus Guardian
    2023 Equus Guardian
  • Guidestar