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Helping Hoof

Horse Haven is here to serve the community by rescuing, rehabilitating and finding homes for horses in need. Our vision is to create a state free of abuse and neglect and that begins with supporting horse owners.

We are very excited to announce a great program for all of our Tennessee equine. Our Helping Hoof Program provides assistance to horse owners across the State of Tennessee. 

Requirements for Eligibility for the Helping Hoof Program

  • Applicant must be a resident of Tennessee
  • Applicant's horses must be personal horses; no professionals may apply.
  • A maximum of two horses may be fed with this program.
  • Job Loss or injury within 90 days of application for assistance

Applicant must provide three references:
1. Employment reference if a job was lost --OR-- Medical reference if it is a medical situation.
For other unusual financial circumstances, please inform the HHT and we will work with the applicant.
2. Veterinarian reference
3. Feed store or hay provider reference
Program Rules:

  • The feed will be provided through a local feed store, pre-approved using a voucher/coupon distributed by HHT
  • Applicants must read and sign the recommended guidelines for feeding their horses with this program.
  • Successful applicants must provide 8 hours of volunteer work for Horse Haven of Tennessee.
  • Recipients may not apply for the program again for 12 months.
  • Approval or denial of access into the program is at the discretion of Horse Haven of Tennessee.

Ultimate Act of Compassion

The Ultimate Act of Compassion Program is offered to responsible horse owners who may have run out of options for their horse.

Sometimes humane euthanasia is the best solution for a horse. We are able to provide the cost of euthanasia if the owner cannot afford it.

The goal of this program is to: 

  • To help horses with no home and no hope.
  • To offer an affordable alternative to owners who need to have their equine humanely euthanized. 
  • Offer an option for owners who can no longer financially care for their equine and do not want them to end up in the slaughter cycle.
  • Keep equine from being left to fend for themselves.
  • Humane alternative to a dignified equine ending.


  • Affordable transportation to UT
  • Affordable euthanasia
  • Affordable disposal

Program Options:

  • Pick up with surrender from owner.
  • Delivered to HHT holding facility for evaluation for possible placement into our adoption program.

Cost to Owner:

  • Low cost
  • Free in some cases
  • GFAS
  • 2023 Equus Guardian
    2023 Equus Guardian
  • Guidestar