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Adoption Requirements

Thank you for choosing adoption!

When you adopt from Horse Haven of Tennessee, each equine is up to date on vaccinations, deworming, hoof care, and has a negative Coggins test. Our staff members consider experience level, suitability, and need when carefully matching each adopter with an appropriate equine to ensure a happily ever after for both animal and adopter.


Adoption Requirements

  • Horse Haven of Tennessee considers your financial ability to make the life long commitment of owning equine.

  • Your ability to provide an appropriate facility is considered as well.

  • All male equine will be gelded before adoption and female equine are not allowed to be bred, or be kept at a facility where stallions are kept.

Adoption Costs

  • Facility Check Fee

    There is a facility check fee of $25 due at the time of the facility check. These fees are used to provide gas funds to the members of the adoption committee making the facility check.

  • Adoption Fee

    Each equine is individually assessed and given an adoption fee. The adoption fee is based on age, training and usefulness.

Our Adoption Process

  • Part 1

    Interested in a particular equine? Fill out the adoption application below. You will then be contacted for the second phase of the process.

  • Part 2

    Once your application has been reviewed, the Horse Haven of Tennessee Adoption Specialist will contact you for a phone interview.

  • Part 3

    A time will be set up for you to meet the equine available for adoption. Depending on your phone interview, you can meet the equine of your choice or one selected by our Adoption Specialist. You are welcome to assess them in any way you see fit as long as it has been discussed in your phone interview. We welcome you to bring your trainer or anyone else that might assist you in your evaluation.

    Please arrive promptly for your scheduled meet and greet time. Late appointments will have to reschedule.

    The following are prohibited during meet and greets:
    *Dogs or other animals
    *Smoking or vaping
    *Illegal substances or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Part 4

    After meeting your adoptable equine, a member of our adoption committee will contact you to set up a facility check. When the adoption committee member arrives to check the facility you will be keeping your new equine, the $25 facility check fee is due. The adoption committee member will look at shelter, fence lines, and access to water. After the facility check, our Adoption Specialist will contact you about your approval.

  • Part 5

    Once your facility has been approved you are welcome to set up a time to complete the adoption contract and pick up your new equine. Delivery is available if you do not have transport. The minimum delivery fee is $75 for a trip within a 25 mile radius of our facility, or it will be $3 a mile for longer distances up to 60 miles. The adoption fee is due at time of pick up or delivery.

Foster Care

Occasionally, Horse Haven of Tennessee will need foster homes to assist in the care of equine. If you are interested in serving as a foster home, please fill out the adoption application and mark that you are interested in fostering. 

  • GFAS
  • 2023 Equus Guardian
    2023 Equus Guardian
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