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Horse Haven relies on the help of volunteers to take care of our equine on a daily basis. All volunteers are required to attend a new volunteer orientation. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the application below and our Volunteer Coordinator will get in contact with you.

Volunteer Application


Volunteer Opportunities Available

  • Barn Team Member
    Barn Team Member

    The day-to-day care of equine at Horse Haven of Tennessee is one of the most important jobs. As a barn team member you will feed, water, turn out, bring in, and clean stalls & paddocks. Not only is this a great way to get up and move but you are making a difference in an abused or neglected horse’s life. We require a minimum 3 month commitment on one team because horses thrive on routine. Volunteers need to be at least 14-years-old and volunteers 14-16-years-old need an adult who will volunteer on the same team. Previous experience with horses is welcome but not a requirement. Reliable transportation to the barn is required.

    After learning the ropes as a barn team member the following volunteer opportunities are available.

  • Barn Team Leader
    Barn Team Leader

    Horse Haven of Tennessee's barn team leads guide the barn teams through morning or evening feedings, ensuring that all equine are properly cared for. A barn team lead must be detail oriented to ensure that all barn protocol is followed by their barn team members. Barn team leads are previous barn team members who have consistently participated on their barn team and have shown that they are fluent in barn protocol. This position becomes available when a team needs a lead. A barn team leader must be able to attend team lead meetings that are usually held every other month on a Saturday morning. Only volunteers 21 years of age or older will be appointed to barn team lead.

  • Special Event Assistance
    Special Event Assistance

    The key to ensuring special events and fundraisers run smoothly is having great volunteers to help with various tasks such as hosting games, event registration, and decorating. Barn team members are welcome to help out with the planning and running of events like Dancing for the Horses and Fall Harvest Fest.

Horse Haven of TN reserves the right to terminate the services of any volunteer. Horse Haven of TN reserves the right to do background checks.

  • GFAS
  • 2023 Equus Guardian
    2023 Equus Guardian
  • Guidestar